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New craft: Spirit

Perfect Diamond + Jewel + (...) + [...]
+5~10 to Energy


Screenshots being saved as "YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss-##".jpg (or .png)
/f l : when user is offline, just write "#. *Player is offline." instead of "#. *Player is offline, using a diablo II destruction game."
/f l : when user is online, using a Path of Diablo game would be better ;)
/f w %f# isn't working. (# is the number of the friend in the /f l)
ingame : adding the PoD version number somewhere in the screen, in order to let people to be able to know if the video they are watching on youtube is from what version and same for screenshots... :) Maybe adding ver# after the "Path of Diablo" on top-right when minimap is displayed. :)

Cube Horadrim

Thul + Shael + Emerald + Normal SET weapon = Exceptional SET weapon

Fal + Pul + Perfect Emerald + Exceptional SET weapon = Elite SET weapon

Ort + Dol + Emerald + Normal SET armor = Exceptional SET armor

Fal + Ko + Perfect Emerald + Exceptional SET armor = Elite SET armor

Hel + Lem + Perfect Skull + SET armor = base armor change ²
Hel + Hel + Orb of Corruption + SET armor = base armor change ²

² base armor become another base armor of the same group and same quality. Set bonus, effets, etc are not impacted. If a 4os armor become a max3os armor, it keeps its 4os.

Disabled RuneWords to enable

Vengeance (Runes.txt ID 154, Runeword153) fr
3os Weapon
Ith Amn El

Voice (Runes.txt ID ID 156, Runeword156) fr
2os Helm
Tir Ith

Wonder (Runes.txt ID 167, Runeword167) fr
3os Wand
Nef Sol Ist

Plague (Runes.txt ID 128, Runeword 106)
3os Weapon
Cham Fal Um

Prowess in Battle (Runeword 111) fr
2os Weapon
Shael Ral

Beauty (Runeword 5)
3os Helm
El Ral Eth

Destiny's Daughter (Runeword 32)
3os Helm
Nef Vex El

Why not enable 1 or 2 RW each reset would be maybe good. (I think enabling useless RW is... useless.)
RW sources: diablofans ;

New RW idea

(Body Armor)

Sol Ort

+150-300 Defence
lvl1 Resist Lightning Aura when equipped
+1-100 Lightning damage to attacks
Magic damage reduced 7
Drain Mana -5
(+runes effects)


Tal Eld Ith

+50 Defence
20% greater chance to block
+10-20 Strength
+10-20 Dexterity
+10-20 Energy
+10-20 Vitality
Life replenishment +10
(+runes effects)


Nef Amn Um

+200 Defence
+1 Skills
30% faster block rate
+10-20% Crushing Blow
Cannot be frozen
5% chance to cast Level 4 Freezing Pulse when hit
Attacker Takes Damage of 50-100
Drain Life -5
(+runes effects)