Diablo II Version History

- Patch 1.14b - 2016/04/07

Specific Changes & Improvements
- Glide Wrapper will now load properly on PC by adding -3dfx to the end of the game shortcut 
- Mercenaries will no longer become An Evil Force
- Fixed Mac client crash on Save & Exit
- Capped the frame rate to 200 to save batteries, spare system load, and prevent hot lap syndrome 
- Created new German installers to fix localization issues in Act V
  (Will require a fresh install to fix the missing dialogue data)

- Patch 1.14a

Specific Changes & Improvements
- No need to run in XP mode anymore, Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 compatibility complete
- Mac installer and compatibility for 10.10 and 10.11 has arrived
- First client run will migrate saved characters to avoid issues from Windows system 
  admin changes

Known Issues
- Mac 10.9 and earlier are not supported

- Patch 1.13d

	New Features
- Ignoring players is now saved between sessions of the game. All ignores are now
  written out to disk (file: 'ignorelist'). This feature can be toggled by issuing
  the command '/ignorepersist'.
- Users can now filter messages based on content by issuing the command
  '/filtermsg '. To unfilter content issue the command
  '/unfiltermsg '. (The maximum length of a filter pattern is 128
- Users can now set their home channel by issuing a new chat command
  '/home ' while in the chat interface.
- Users can return to their home channel at any time by issuing the command '/home'
  while in the chat interface.

	Major Bugs

- Fixed a known dupe method.
- Fixed another issue where players were able to stack auras in an unintended way.

	Minor Bugs

- Fixed a bug where Mercenaries wouldn't have multiple auras active when they
  should have.
- Fixed an issue where players could create games prefixed with color codes.
- Potentially fixed an issue where players would be disconnected when watching the
  cinematics when in a game.
- Fixed an issue where the game would crash when running in windowed mode with
  sound disabled and the game tried to play a cinematic. Chat Reminder provides a number of ways to manage in-game spam and communication from
other players. Some of these commands are:
  /options ignorepublic (/o igpub)
  - Ignores messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't on your
    friends list.

  /options unignorepublic (/o uigpub)
  - Reallows messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't in your
    friends list.
  /options ignoreprivate (/o igpriv)
  - While in private chat channels you will not receive messages from anyone who
    isn't in your friends list.
  /options unignoreprivate (/o uigpriv)
  - Re-allows messages in private chat channels from anyone who isn't in your
    friends list.
  /options ignorewhispers (/o igw)
  - Ignore whispers from anyone who isn't in your friends list.
  /options unignorewhispers (/o unigw)
  - Reallows whispers from all users.

- Patch 1.13c

     A new Mystery has been revealed!

- Adventurers of Sanctuary are hereby warned once again, that a new challenge
  awaits you. Within Diablo's Bosses, spanning across the world from the
  ancient Monastery Catacombs to the Throne of Destruction, is where you'll
  find what you seek...

     Major Bugs
- Fixed an item dupe bug.
- Video improvements for Intel Mac machines with OS 10.5 or greater.
- Fixed an issue where some players could kill other players while in town
- Fixed an issue where some players could disconnect other players when
  they had too many active states.
- Fixed two issues where players could stack auras in an unintended way.

     Minor Bugs
- Uber Mephisto now checks for both Uber Baal and Uber Diablo to be killed
  before spawning summoned minions (Before he would only check for Uber Baal).
- The game will no longer stop and then restart the game music after the
  window loses and then regains focus.
- Fixed an issue where the game window would minimize when running in
  windowed mode when it lost focus.
- Fixed an issue where the game window wouldn't center properly when it
  was created.
- Fangskin should now properly drop loot in Hell difficulty.
- Fixed an issue where auras were not re-applied to your mercenary after
  it was resurrected.
- Fixed an issue where if you had two items which provided auras to
  a mercenary and you unequipped one, the aura from the remaining
  item never became active.
- Fixed an issue where the Paladin class runeword 'Principle' wasn't
  having all of its stats applied properly.
- Fixed an issue where the Paladin's Charge ability would become locked
  out if Holy Shield faded while charging.
- Fixed an issue where the Barbarian's Leap ability could become locked
  out if they were hit when they started to leap.

     Specific changes/improvements     

- Respecialization is now possible! Completing the 'Den of Evil' quest
  will now additionally reward 1 free respec which can be saved. Players
  who have already completed this quest should receive 1 free respec in
  Hell difficulty.
- Increased the drop rate of high runes.
- Support for blit scaling in windowed mode. The game can now be
  maximized to the largest 4:3 resolution supported (hooray widescreen users).
- Some rare drop items now have an orange color. i.e. Runes and items
  required for Uber Tristam.
- Modified the gold bank limit to be a flat cap not bound by level.
- Removed the requirements to create a hardcore character.
- Greatly reduced the explosion damage dealt by Fire Enchanted monsters.
- Uber Mephisto and Uber Baal's summoned minions no longer give experience.
- Removed Oblivion Knight's Iron Maiden curse.
- Hellfire Torch Firestorm proc rate has been reduced to 5%.
- Users can now toggle the display of text over the Health and Mana
  globes by clicking on the bottom area of each orb.
- When creating a single player game, each difficulty button is now bound
  to a unique key: Normal 'R', Nightmare 'N', and Hell 'H'.
- The 'Enter Chat' Button in the waiting room is now
  bound to the 'Enter' key.
- Added the windows system buttons to the game window (MIN, MAX, CLOSE).
- Added new command line parameter '-nofixaspect' which allows users to
  not fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 when maximizing in windowed mode.
  This lets the game 'stretch' to fill your monitor.
- Added support for '-sndbkg' command line switch. This enables sound
  in background.
- Added the following aliases for pre-existing command line options,
  '-nosound', '-window', and '-windowed'.

     Revised Skill balance for Player Character classes

- Immolation Arrow - Increased radius of Explosion effect by 33% and
  Immolation effect by 50%.
- Immolation Arrow - Explosion effect damage increased by 20%.
- Immolation Arrow - Increased base duration by 33%.


- Dragon Claw - Synergy receives 4% additional damage per point of Claw Mastery.
- Dragon Talon - The bonus to Attack Rating per point has been increased to 35.
- Shadow Master - Increased resistance range per point from 5-80 to 5-90.
- Combo points awarded by combo moves now last 15 seconds, up from 9.

- Whirlwind - Reduced initial mana cost by 50%.
- Masteries - Changed critical strike chance from 0-25 to 0-35.

- Blessed Hammer - No longer ignores resistances of undead and demons.

- Werebear - Damage bonus increased by 15% across all ranks.
- Werebear - Increased health by 25% and armor by 1% per point.
- Shockwave - Synergy from Maul adds 5% damage per point.

- Blood Golem - Removed negative shared life effect (player no longer
  loses life when the golem takes damage).
- Corpse Explosion - Increased base damage dealt from 60% - 100%
  to 70% - 120% of corpses health.
- Poison Nova - Increased base damage by 15%.

- Firewall - Synergy receives 1% damage per point of Inferno and
  4% per point of Warmth.
- Blaze - Synergy receives 1% damage per point of Firewall
  and 4% per point of Warmth.
- Hydra - Increased base damage by 15% per rank.
- Hydra - Increased base speed of Hydra projectile.
- Hydra - Reduced cooldown by 25%.

- Patch 1.13b (Public Test Realm)

- Patch 1.13a (Public Test Realm)

- Patch 1.12

     Downloadable Installer Support

- If all required Diablo 2 '.MPQ' files are installed on the
  hard drive, the game will no longer require the CD to play. 

   For users that originally performed a 'Full Installation' 
   and wish to run without the CD, all '.MPQ' files should 
   be copied from the Diablo 2 CDs to the Diablo 2 directory.  
   Most users will only need to copy D2Music.mpq from the 
   Diablo 2 Play CD and/or D2xMusic.mpq from the Lord of 
   Destruction CD.  Mac users will need to copy these music 
   files and rename them to 'Diablo II Music' and 
   'Diablo II Expansion Music' respectively. 

   Anyone who did not perform a 'Full Installation' will need
   to re-install from CD again to ultimately play without the CD.  
   In this case, a 'Full Installation' is required, followed by file 
   copy step noted above. 
     Bug Fixes

- Fixed an incompatibility between Rosetta and OpenGL mode on Intel Mac.

- Patch 1.11b

- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when you return to chat after
  playing a game on
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when the runeword "Peace" was
  equipped on a hireling.

- Patch 1.11

     A new Mystery has been revealed!

- Players of Hell Difficulty Realm games are hereby warned once again, 
  that a series of new and challenging tests await you! The answer lies
  within Diablo's Bosses, which span across the world from the Den of Evil 
  to the Throne of Destruction...

     New Items

- Added 10 New Runewords.
- Added new Unique Items that will drop from Special Bosses.

     Hireling Enhancements

- Players can purchase hirelings that are within 1-5 levels below their
  own level.  
- The rate at which hirelings gain experience has been increased.  They 
  should now stay closer to the player's level.

     Major Bugs

- Creating a town portal when corpses or other objects entirely fill the
  area where the portal will appear in town will no longer crash the game.
- Skills obtained from runewords created while the item is equipped will
  no longer disconnect you from when chosen.
- Barbarians will no longer become stuck when using Whirlwind right after
  Inferno from the unique item Balrog Blade Flamebellow.
- German, Spanish, and Polish users will no longer crash when the mouse
  cursor moves over an item that grants an Aura while equipped.
- The game will no longer crash when selecting a skill granted by a weapon
  at the same time as switching weapons with the W key.
- Dying or being requested to trade while changing the key configuration
  will no longer cause you to get stuck.
- The "Missile Firing too far" assertion error has been corrected.
- Attempting to sell a Horadric Cube or a quest item to an NPC by holding
  Control while clicking will no longer disconnect you from

     Minor Bugs

- Running the game with -install no longer causes the game to be installed
  as a Windows Service.  -install is now ignored.
- Sometimes the seals in Diablo's lair would not activate.  This has been
- Character expiration messages have been updated to reflect the
  expiration policy implemented in patch 1.10.
- Unidentified items sometimes caused other set items to display green for
  items the player does not have.  This has been corrected.
- The German mouseover text for the Ist rune has been corrected.
- Account recovery is now allowed for existing accounts whose name is only
  one or two characters.
- When leaving a game on, you will now be brought back to the
  channel in which you were previously.
- Transmuting an ethereal item now retains the ethereal stats bonuses.
- In Japanese Lord of Destruction, items that add to all Assassin skills
  incorrectly stated in their mouseover text that they added to all Druid
  skills.  This has been corrected.
- messages for non-English versions have been corrected.

     Fixed Game Exploits

- It is no longer possible to bypass the 10-second hostility timer by
  activating a waypoint at the same time as declaring hostility.
- Uber Diablo is no longer killed when Shenk the Overseer or Blood Raven
  die nearby.
- Necromancers with Trang-Oul's Set equipped could sometimes become
  invincible to attack.  This has been corrected.
- Blessed Hammer no longer remains active while in town, preventing
  players from subsequently declaring hostility and having the hammers hit
  other players for damage.
- Set items retained their multi-piece bonuses after the player died, even
  though they were removed.  This has been corrected.
- Items with skill-charging effects will no longer give synergy bonuses to
  skills when equipped on a character without those skills.
- Pasting from the Clipboard no longer allows the creation of characters
  with more than one dash or underscore in their name.

- Patch 1.10

     Mysterious World-event 

- Players of Hell difficulty Realm games are hereby warned that a new,
  challenging world-event has been added to Diablo II version 1.10.
  Players of Hardcore characters should be even more wary when
  encountering Superunique monsters during an active world event. Be
  prepared to execute a hasty Save and Exit, if your situation seems too

     Fundamental architecture changes/improvements

- The skill and monster systems are now completely data-driven. Skill
  balancing is simpler and quicker.  Monster control/populating/creation
  is simpler. Although done for our needs, mod-makers should like these
  changes, too. A major result is that nearly any skill can be used by any
  character class.
- A skill now may have synergy Bonuses (similar to masteries) applied by
  putting points into other skills.
- The player stats and inventory system has been completely redone to
  run more efficiently, improving server performance and stability.
- The collision detection system has been sped up significantly. Again,
  improving server performance.

     Specific changes/improvements

- Increased difficulty for high-level players to reduce future
  exploitation of the game system.
- Made monsters tougher
- Beefed up monster difficulty in Act V, Nightmare, and Hell
  difficulties. This was accomplished by improving monster stats (hp, ac,
  etc.) and by boosting their AI/behavior in NM and Hell difficulties
  (that is, by making decisions more often and by simply moving faster).
  In Nightmare and Hell difficulties monster damages have generally been
  increased -- dramatically in some cases.
- Reduced the effectiveness of Experience runs, power-leveling, and
- Added randomized (especially ranged-attack) monsters to Nightmare and
  Hell Act V - e.g., Burning Dead, Imps, etc.
- Increased the Experience attached to most Act V monsters in Normal,
  Nightmare, & Hell difficulties.
- Reduced the HP of (Act V) Barbarian soldiers in Nightmare and Hell
- Increased the rate of occurrence of Unique monsters in Hell
- Reduced the party member Experience sharing to 0 beyond a maximum
  distance of about 2 screens from the monster death. This prevents
  low-level characters from joining a party and then staying completely
  out of harm's way while still getting Experience.
- Increased the Experience penalty for Clvl 70+ as follows: Clvl 1 - 69:
  100% Experience Clvl 70 - 99: 85% - 0.8% Experience (approximately
  exponential decaying)
- Encouraged players to play in more of the Diablo II
- Reduced drops from the most-run SuperUnique monsters, ThreshSocket and
- Cut Experience and reduced drops in the Cow level.
- Randomized the monster populations more thoroughly throughout Act V in
  Nightmare and Hell difficulties, including the addition of 'guest
  monsters' from other Acts.
- Increased the number of Unique monsters in each area and difficulty.

    Improved various Items

- Improved the attributes for newly-dropped Rare Armor, Helms, and most
- Added over 100 new Unique Items, of which 29 can be found only in
  Ladder games.

    Revised Skill balance for all Player Character classes

    Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills

- Jab - Increased Attack Rating.
- Power Strike - Increased Attack Rating and Damage done to targets.
  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Poison Javelin - Increased the total amount of Poison Damage and
  Duration. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Impale - Increased Attack Rating. Increased Damage.
- Lightning Bolt - Increased Lightning Damage. Added skill synergy
- Charged Strike - Increased the number of Charged Bolts released.
  Reduced average Lightning Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Plague Javelin - Added an Attack Rating bonus. Increased Poison
  Damage.  Increased Poison Duration. Lowered Mana cost per level of
  skill. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Lightning Strike - Reduced the average Lightning Damage. Added skill
  synergy bonuses.
- Lightning Fury - Rebalanced by increasing the average Lightning
  Damage. Although it starts lower, it rises rapidly to much higher
  damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.

    Amazon - Passive and Magic Skills 

- Inner Sight - Increased the reduction in Enemy Defense. Improved
- Valkyrie - Increased Attack Rating and decreased Mana cost. Added
  resistances and skills like Evade, Dodge, etc. Added skill synergy
- Decoy - Extensively revised with added resistances and skills like
  Evade, Dodge, etc.

    Amazon - Bow and Crossbow Skills 

- Magic Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus.
- Fire Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus. Decreased Mana cost. Added skill 
  synergy bonuses.
- Cold Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus. Increased Cold Damage.
  Increased Mana cost. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Exploding Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus. Increased Fire Damage.
  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Ice Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Immolation Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus. Decreased Mana cost.
  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Freezing Arrow - Added Attack Rating bonus. Decreased Mana cost. Added
  skill synergy bonuses.

    Assassin - Martial Arts Skills 

- Dragon Talon - Increased Attack Rating.
- Fists of Fire - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Claws of Thunder - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Blades of Ice - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- All kick skills - Increased Attack Rating bonus.

    Assassin - Shadow Disciplines 

- Venom - Fixed duration at 0.4 seconds regardless of poison items
- Shadow Warrior - Increased the Life and resistances.

    Assassin - Traps Skills 

- Fire Blast - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Shock Web - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Charged Bolt Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Wake of Fire - Slight increase to Damage at higher levels. Added skill
  synergy bonuses.
- Lightning Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Wake of Inferno - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Death Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.

   Barbarian - Warcries 
- War Cry - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Shout - Increased duration.
- Battle Orders - Increased duration.
- Battle Command - Increased duration.

    Barbarian - Combat Masteries 

- Throwing Mastery - Increased the Attack Rating bonus to throwing skills.

     Barbarian - Combat Skills
- Bash - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Double Swing - Decreased Mana cost. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Stun - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Double Throw - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Concentrate - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Frenzy - Added skill synergy bonuses.

     Druid - Elemental Skills      

- Firestorm - Increased Fire damage at higher levels. Increased damage
  at higher levels. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Molten Boulder - Added physical damage. Increased damage at higher
  levels.  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Arctic Blast - Increased Cold damage at higher levels. Increased
  damage at higher levels. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Fissure - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Cyclone Armor - Added skill synergy bonuses.

- Twister - Increased damage at higher levels. Added skill synergy
- Volcano - Added physical damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Tornado - Increased damage at higher levels. Added skill synergy
- Hurricane - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Armageddon - Increased Fire damage at higher levels. Added skill
  synergy bonuses.

    Druid - Shape Shifting Skills   

- Werewolf - Added skill synergy bonuses. Allowed casting of Armageddon.
- Werebear - Added skill synergy bonuses. Allowed casting of Armageddon.
- Maul - Increased Stun duration.
- Rabies - Increased Poison Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Fire Claws - Slight increase to Fire Damage. Added skill synergy

    Druid - Summoning Skills 

- Summon Spirit Wolf - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Heart of Wolverine - Increased radius of effect and Life.
- Summon Dire Wolf - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Oak Sage - Increased radius of effect.
- Spirit of Barbs - Increased Life.
- Summon Grizzly - Added skill synergy bonuses.

    Necromancer - Summoning Skills

- Skeleton Mastery - Increased Damage of non-Skeletal 'pets'. Increased
  Life of Skeletal 'pets'.
- Raise Skeleton - Increased Skeleton Life, Attack Rating, and Defense.
  Decreased the maximum number of Skeletons that can be summoned as
  follows: the first 3 skill points in Raise Skeleton still yield 1
  Skeleton per point (as in 1.09), however, subsequent Skeletons now
  require 3 skill points each. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Clay Golem - Added the ability to slow players and monsters on hit.
  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Raise Skeletal Mage - Increased Damage. Decreased the maximum number
  of Skeletal Mages that can be summoned as follows: the first 3 skill
  points in Raise Skeletal Mage still yield 1 Mage per point (as in 1.09),
  however, subsequent Mages now require 3 skill points each. Added skill
  synergy bonuses.
- Blood Golem - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Iron Golem - Added Defense bonus. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Fire Golem - Increased Fire Damage. Added Holy Fire Damage. Added skill 
  synergy bonuses.

    Necromancer - Poison and Bone Skills
- Teeth - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Bone Armor - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Poison Dagger - Increased Attack Rating. Increased Duration. Added skill 
  synergy bonuses.
- Bone Wall - Cut duration in half. Life decreased. Added skill synergy 
- Poison Explosion - Increased Duration. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Bone Spear - Increased Magic Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Bone Prison - Cut duration in half. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Poison Nova - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Bone Spirit - Increased Magic Damage at highest levels. Added skill 
  synergy bonuses.

    Paladin - Combat Skills 

- Holy Bolt - Increased Magic damage. Ignores resistances of Undead.
  Increased Healing to non-monster characters.
- Blessed Hammer - Increased high-level damage. Ignores resistances of
  Undead and Demons.  Added skill synergy bonuses
- Vengeance - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Sacrifice - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Holy Shield - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Fist of the Heavens - Ignores resistances of Undead and Demons.  Added
  skill synergy bonuses.
- Zeal - Increased damage above level 4. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Charge - Added skill synergy bonuses.

    Paladin - Offensive Auras

- Might - Increased area of effect.
- Holy Fire - Added Fire Damage to attack. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Thorns - Increased area of effect.
- Blessed Aim - Increased area of effect.
- Holy Freeze - Added Cold Damage to attack. Added aura damage. 
  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Holy Shock - Rebalanced the area of effect. Increased Lightning Damage
  on attack. Improved damage ramp. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Sanctuary - Increased Magic Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.

    Paladin - Defensive Auras 

- Prayer - Increased Healing and area of effect.
- Resist Fire - Increased area of effect.
- Defiance - Increased area of effect.
- Resist Cold - Increased area of effect.
- Resist Lightning - Increased area of effect.
- Cleansing - Increased area of effect. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Meditation - Increased area of effect. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Redemption - Increased area of effect.
- Salvation - Increased area of effect.

    Sorceress - Cold Spells 

- Ice Bolt - Increased Cold Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Frozen Armor - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Frost Nova - Increased Cold Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Ice Blast - Increased Cold Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Shiver Armor - Increased Cold Damage. Increased Cold Duration.
  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Glacial Spike - Increased Cold Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Blizzard - Increased Cold Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Chilling Armor - Increased Cold Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Frozen Orb - Added skill synergy bonus.

    Sorceress - Lightning Spells  

- Charged Bolt - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Energy Shield - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Nova - Rebalanced Lightning Damage.
- Lightning - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Chain Lightning - Added skill synergy bonuses.

    Sorceress - Fire Spells

- Fire Bolt - Increased Fire Damage at higher levels. Added skill
  synergy bonuses.
- Inferno - Increased Fire Damage at higher levels. Added skill synergy
- Fire Ball - Increased Fire Damage at higher levels. Slightly increased
  Mana cost.  Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Enchant - Rebalanced Fire Damage. Added Attack Rating bonus. Reduced
  Mana cost.  Added Skill Synergy Bonus.
- Meteor - Added skill synergy bonuses.
- Hydra - Rebalanced Fire Damage. Added skill synergy bonuses.

   Added new Rune Words and Horadric Cube Recipes 

- Added 20 new Rune Words.
- Added a Horadric Cube recipe as follows: 3 flawless gems + 1 magic
  weapon = socketed, magic weapon.
- Added 46 more Horadric Cube Recipes -- upgrades for the remaining
  Runes and item 'rerolls'. 
- The highest 19 Rune upgrades are usable only by Ladder characters.

    Closed some PvP loopholes/exploits

- Terminated the casting of 'absentee' skills such as the Sorceress'
  Meteor, Firewall, Blaze, Hydra; the Assassin's Sentries; the Druid's
  Volcano; etc. when the player enters town.  This prevents declaring
  Hostility and doing immediate damage to the unsuspecting.
- Prevented 3rd-party hacks from treating background objects as a
- Enforced a 10-second delay between declaring Hostility and using a
  Waypoint or Town Portal to leave town.
- Ears and other items dropped on the ground by players (even in town)
  are deleted more frequently, and even when on the same screen as
  players.  Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique items persist longer.
- The attribute "Hit Slows Target" has been limited to no more than 50%
  slowing when used in PvP.
- Fixed the bug that prevented a hostile player from targeting a
  Whirlwinding Barbarian equipped with a 2-handed sword.
- Throwing an Oil Potion no longer crashes an opponent.

    New features.  Please see for more

- Introduced a new Lobby. Players now start in the lobby where they may
  decide to enter chat as before or to simply create/join a
  game without entering chat.
- Added the ability to recover a forgotten/stolen account password via
  email registration.
- Added a new command '/mail account_name' which sends a message
  directly to the account's registered email address.
- An 'expiration date' is now shown with Realm Characters on the
  selection screen.
- Introduced a new Ladder System for those who prefer to play free from
  any characters who may have participated in past item duping or hacking.
  To use this new feature, a player places a check in the Ladder box upon
  character creation -- in the same way that Expansion and Hardcore
  selection is done. Periodically, the Ladder may be reset, adding the old
  Ladder characters to the regular population -- who, of course, cannot
  play games with the new season's Ladder characters. Thus, every season
  each new Ladder character truly starts from scratch, as no 'twinking' is
  possible from older characters.
- Once a player defeats Diablo, all Diablo II accounts
  accessed from that computer may create Hardcore characters.

- Prevented a crash when waiting in the Blizzard Tech Support channel on
- Realm games created without a Password no longer allow players who
  specify a Password to join.
- When a character dies during an 'Alt-F4' disconnection from in
  Hardcore, the character icon now properly appears in both chat and the
  Character Selection Screen.
- Corrected typos in the Options help.
- Prevented players from changing their chat text color and indentation
  to masquerade as official Blizzard accounts.
- Warcraft III players no longer appear as cloaked figures in Diablo II
  chat rooms.
- stability has been improved when a Diablo II character that
  had been designated as the operator of a private channel resigns.
- Players may no longer immediately re-join a chat Channel from which
  they have been banned.
- Barbarians dual-wielding with a Javelin now show the Javelin in chat, too.
- Removed Age from the Player Profile.

     Major Bugs

- Fixed the 'Druid Drop' bug related to equipping items which would
  cause players to be dropped from a game when activating Werewolf or
  Werebear skills above level 33.
- Super Unique, Unique, and Champion monsters can no longer be created
  as nearly invincible, that is, with < 0 hit points.
- Barbarians and Assassins who are dual-wielding potions are no longer
  prevented from entering a game.
- A Zod Rune applied to an Ethereal item no longer reduces its
  durability to 0.
- Characters with extremely fast attack speeds no longer erroneously
  miss their targets.
- Summoned creatures (aka 'pets') now properly inherit the player's
  level to determine their monster level.
- A summoned Grizzly now properly pursues and attacks its enemies more
- Fury and Phoenix Strike can no longer target the casting player's
  hireling or pet.
- Valkyries are no longer treated as monsters and erroneously assigned
  additional Life in Nightmare and Hell difficulties.
- A Valkyrie affected by a party member's Oak Sage can no longer be
  killed with 1 hit.
- Assassins and Barbarians with Mastery points no longer have excessive
  Critical Strikes applied to their melee attacks.
- Oak Sage and Heart of Wolverine now function properly above skill
  level 20.
- Poison Creeper now properly receives the PvP damage penalty.
- Holy Freeze no longer slows the Lightning skill.
- The curse Attract can no longer be overridden by any other curse.
- Using Battle Command can no longer erroneously retain the skill bonus
  granted by an item after un-equipping the item.
- Active level 18+ Thorns no longer makes the player character
  invulnerable to monster melee attacks.
- Lightning and Chain Lightning are now properly affected by items with
  casting rate magic properties.
- Using Enchant on ranged weapons now boosts the damage a variable
- Fireballs used against a Lightning Enchanted monster no longer make
  its Charged Bolts invisible.
- The 3rd charge of the Assassin's Skill - Blades of Ice, now freezes
  the target.
- Lower Resist now correctly updates the resistances displayed on the
  target's character screen.
- Crushing Blow now works at the percentage chance stated.
- Items can no longer be created with level requirements higher than 99.
- A throwing item with the magic property Replenishes Quantity now
  replenishes if depleted to 0 quantity.
- Newly-discovered Ethereal items with the magic property Increased
  Maximum Durability now may have the maximum durability.
- The Rune Word "Melody" now works properly for bows.
- Leaving the vicinity of a Super unique monster and returning after 20
  seconds, now properly respawns the Super unique for treasure drops.
- The erroneous action of the Reduce AC modifier. which had shown in the
  item pop-up as x% Target AC has been corrected. It now no longer sets
  the target's AC equal to the percentage, but properly reduces the
  target's AC by the percentage.  The display has been corrected to say
  "-x% Target AC." The modifier's effect is reduced by one half when
  player characters, SuperUniques, hirelings, and Act-end bosses are
- Fixed a bug in damage calculation for weapons which computed +min/+max
  damage prior to +damage%.
- If Holy Bolt is assigned to the right mouse-button and Charge or Smite
  to the left, left-clicking on a party member no longer sticks one in
- A player character standing on a player corpse is no longer immune to
- Auto-targeting skills when assigned to the left mouse-button no longer
  repeatedly cast, if one is holding the button down to move.
  Auto-targeting skills are those that nearby target if one is not
  selected, e.g., Fist of the Heavens.
- The Paladin's non-aura skills now attack appropriately, when one
  clicks on a foe without enough Mana to use the skill.
- A class of bugs that had reduced the effectiveness of alternating
  weapon attacks when equipped with two weapons has been fixed, including
  the various dual-claw Assassin attacks.
- Poison length calculations are now correct.
- Poison now works properly when applied to ranged attacks.
- Mindblast and Conversion now remove any auras from their targets upon
  casting and also when they wear off.
- Confuse now works properly, that is, without the occasional misfire.
- Holy Shield now boosts the defense of the player, not the shield.
- Blade Fury now uses the proper amount of Mana.
- Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, and Golems are now raised with appropriate
  (non-0) Attack Rating and Defense stats.
- Iron Golems are no longer summoned with excessive additional Life in
  Nightmare and Hell difficulties.
- Hirelings can no longer equip items without meeting the item
- Rogue hirelings can no longer shoot Lightning Bolts by equipping items
  that boost Bow and Crossbow skills.
- Isenhart's Case and Horns now work together correctly on Hirelings.
- Monster warping (aka teleporting) in some TCP/IP games has been
- Slowed or chilled monsters no longer 'desynch' (or 'lag') as easily.
- Corrupted Rogues no longer pause for long periods of time when
  pursuing a foe.  
- When a Barbarian throws a weapon with his left hand (right inventory
  slot) while equipped with a melee weapon in his right hand (left
  inventory slot), the thrown weapon now does proper damage.NPCs no longer
  bestow quest rewards (e.g., socketing) upon unidentified items.
- An NPC no longer fails to give a quest reward item to a character with
  a full Inventory or Stash.
- The Heaven's Brethren set bonus of "+5 to Light Radius" now works.
- As shown on the Character screen, Assassins receive a damage bonus
  from boots.
- The Assassin's Claw Mastery bonuses to Damage and Attack Rating are no
  longer erroneously swapped.
- A behavior-changing curse (like Dim Vision) can no longer affect a
  monster permanently, when the player portals away.
- The Life of monsters affected by Regeneration or Poison now updates
- Enchant cast upon other player characters is now enhanced by the
  caster's Fire Mastery.
- Skills and magic effects that change one's maximum Life now change
  one's current Life by a corresponding percentage.
- The Attack Rating displayed for the Assassin kick skills is no longer
  higher than the actual Attack Rating.
- Macintosh-specific fixes
- Improved compatibility with dual-monitor Macintosh systems.
- Prevented a crash when using the scroll bars and highlighting games in's Join menu.

     Minor Bugs

- Summon Spirit Wolf no longer overstates the Damage.
- Spirit of Barbs, Heart of Wolverine, and Oak Sage no longer understate
  their radii of effect.
- When the Automap option "Center" is off, the Automap no longer centers
  upon opening the Skill Tree or Inventory.
- The extraneous text in the Change Realm dialog box has been removed.
- The health bar of a Flayer knocked from his Flayer Shaman now works.
- Fixed a general monster health bar overflow bug.
- A temporary loss of the Stamina Shrine effect no longer occurs.
- The Skill Tree levels are now displayed properly when a player equips
  both a non-melee item that boosts all character class skills along with
  a weapon that boosts an individual skill.
- Skills granted by items are now always displayed as such in the Skill
- The damage displayed on the character screen is now correct when a
  character with high strength has no weapon equipped.
- The damage displayed on the character screen is now correct for
  Freezing Arrow and Holy Shock.
- The hover text of the Amazon skill Multiple Shot now correctly
  displays that it does 3/4 weapon damage.
- When the Assassin has two Claws equipped and is using the Weapon Block
  skill, the Chance to Block percentage properly appears in the hover text
  of the Defense stat in the character screen.
- The Golden Bird quest status is shown correctly in the quest log, if
  one exits the game before getting the reward.
- The Redemption skill description now correctly states that it affects
  only the caster, not the party.
- The Redemption skill graphic effect can no longer appear erroneously
  when a player returns from town through a Town Portal.
- The Thunderstorm skill graphic effect now displays properly.
- The damage listed on the character screen for Holy Shock no longer
  appears blue.
- Hardcore Assassins and Druids no longer appear as cloaked figures in
  the multiplayer character selection screen of DII Classic.
- Message log scrolling is now more responsive.
- Players now see other players kicking barrels.
- Berserker Axe" is now spelled correctly.
- Io, Shael, and Jah Runes now have Korean, Japanese, and Chinese
- Corrected localization (translation, text box sizes, etc.) for a
  number of issues in French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

     Enhancements and other changes

- Implemented a new system to detect and delete 'duped', 'hacked' and
  other erroneous items from the inventories of Realm Characters as they
  are loaded.
- Increased the damage of nearly all skills above skill level 20.
- Added synergy bonuses to many skills. The bonuses boost the
  effectiveness of the higher-level skills based upon the number of points
  allocated to the lower-level (synergizing) skills. Players are rewarded
  for using skill points earlier rather than hoarding them all for later
  'cookie-cutter' distribution to high-level skills.
- Rebalanced the rate of Unique/Set/Rare/Magic items drop.
- Lower Resist and Conviction skills now work properly against immune
- Cold Mastery has been changed to a constant amount.
- Elemental Piercing versus immunities has been changed to a constant
- Improved the existing 7 class-specific Sets by adding and/or boosting
  partial and complete Set bonuses. Also added a visual effect to wearers
  of these complete Sets.
- Limited the maximum experience gain from The Ancients quest in Act V
  to 1 character level.
- One can no longer enter Town Portals cast by other players in areas
  beyond the "blocking quests" without having completed those quests:
  e.g., Canyon of the Magi/Seven Tombs/Duriel's Lair (The Summoner), The
  Harem/Palace Basement/Arcane Sanctuary (The Tainted Sun), Durance of
  Hate (The Blackened Temple), The Worldstone Keep (The Ancients), The
  Secret Cow Level (Terror's End in DII classic or Eve of Destruction in
  DII: LoD).  NOTE: A player who kills the High Council (but doesn't use
  Khalim's Will to smash the Compelling Orb), may take a Town Portal into
  the Durance of Hate.
- NPCs no longer accept lower difficulty quest items to complete quests
  in a higher difficulty.
- Atma now heals automatically.
- Quest items are automatically identified when they drop.
- Increased the challenge of Mephisto and the Ancients.
- Increased the damage and defense of Andariel, Mephisto, Diablo, and
- Gave Mephisto a more powerful Frost Nova, based on his own (not
  player's) stats.
- Added blocking and resistances to Duriel.
- Reduced the levels of all auras used by Unique monsters.
- Added more Unique monsters to the open areas of Acts IV and V.
- Life leeching is now determined by each monster type and reduced below
  100% in Nightmare and Hell Difficulties.
- Added resistances and blocking to the Unravelers in Act II in Hell
- Increased monster hit-points in one player games and reduced the
  increase to monster hit-points for each additional player in multiplayer
- Boosted the effects of Health and Mana potions.
- Mana potions are now sold by some shopkeepers.
- The Antidote potion now gives +50 poison resistance and +10 max poison
  resist for 30 seconds.
- The Thawing potion now gives +50 cold resistance and +10 max cold
  resist for 30 seconds.
- The Stamina potion now gives super stamina recovery for 30 seconds.
- Newly-found (post-1.10) magic bows with the properties "Fires Magic
  Arrows" or "Fires Explosive Arrows" have these properties at appropriate
  skill levels rather than being fixed at level 1.
- Improved gambling by increasing the chances for Rare, Set, and Unique
- Improved monster drops by boosting the base item types and by
  increasing the chance for Rares.
- Increased the chances that dropped items have the magic properties of
  Enhanced damage, Life-stealing, Mana-stealing, and + to all Resistances.
  Increased hireling Life/attack rating/defense/level. Also removed the
  skill cap from Act III hirelings. (Hireling level at hiring is now
  different between DII classic and LoD.)
- Increased life regeneration for hirelings.
- Boosted the effect of Health potions upon hirelings.
- Lowered the cost of resurrection of hirelings.
- Increased the leash range of hirelings.
- Summonables except for Revived monsters and pets that don't attack or
  defend - e.g., Vines now get Defense and Attack Rating based on their
- Bone Walls are now friendly to the caster's party - that is, not
- Improved Blood Raven's behavior.
- Guest monsters (those from earlier Acts and lower difficulty levels)
  compute their Treasure Class (for item dropping) appropriately for their
  new, higher levels.
- Chilling Armor no longer responds to other Chilling Armor bolts.
- A player may have up to 16 corpses now. Only the first (oldest) corpse
  holding items is saved between games.
- In Nightmare and Hell difficulties recovering one's corpse now
  restores 75% of the Experience that had been lost at death. This applies
  to all of a player's corpses.
- Block lock' has been eliminated. When a player character has just
  blocked an attack, the player cannot block again for a short period of
  time, the length of which increases as Blocking speed increases.
- Reduced the 'lag' when Lister the Tormentor and his minions are
  summoned by Baal.
- The levels of The Forgotten Tower are now larger in Nightmare and Hell
- Increased the likelihood of dropping Elite items.
- Only a very few Unique items and new 'uber' items are now over level
  85. That is, the best items now drop more often.
- Jewels and other modifiers can now boost the elemental damage of a
  melee weapon if that trait is listed as part of the Jewel description.
- The Buriza's level (not its level requirement) was increased to 59.
- Items that grant skills bestow a lower skill level to those character
  classes who natively have the skill in their skill tree. Note that
  Charged items receive synergy and mastery bonuses, but don't receive
  bonuses by assigning extra points to the skill.
- Boosted the Cham Rune freeze effect on weapons from +1 to +3.
- The Eth Rune's effect is now "-25% to Target AC". Thus, 4 Eth Runes
  reduce the target AC to zero.
- The modifier "Ignores Target AC" no longer acts upon SuperUniques,
  hirelings, and Act-end bosses. Its lack of effect upon player characters
  and unique monsters remains unchanged.
- Changed the Horadric Cube recipe that had used 3 chipped gems to
  require 3 standard gems as follows: 3 standard gems + 1 socketed weapon
  = socketed, magic weapon.
- Changed the two Horadric Cube recipes for Rejuvenation Potions to
  require a chipped gem and a standard gem.
- One may sell items to an NPC without the confirmation dialog by
  ctrl-left-clicking on them.
- Increased the size of the message log from 32 to 128 lines.
- Reduced the density of the graphic special effect displaying curses.
- Added optimizations to light map computation and added various levels
  of light map fidelity which automatically adjust to keep the frame rate
- Selecting "Show Party - No" in the Automap Options now shows one's
- In the inventory an unidentified Unique item is now shown as its
  generic item type.
- Improved the accuracy of the Mana cost display.
- Added a graphic effect to the Whirlwind skill.
- Improved the second level charge-up graphic effect of the Assassin's
  Phoenix Strike.
- Added new color schemes for certain Rare, Set, and Unique items.
- Maces and Staves now display "+50% Damage to Undead", consistent with
  other weapon classes.
- The TCP/IP Join Game button remembers the last IP address entered.
- Chat commands (e.g. 'fps') are now preceded by a slash (e.g. '/fps').
- A new chat command '/nopickup' toggles on/off the ability to
  automatically pick up items lying on the ground. When off, one must hold
  down the Alt key to pick up items.
- Monsters (except for SuperUniques) in non-ladder Realm games are now
  at 75% HP (Hell), 85% AC (NM & Hell), and don't increase their AI speed
  for higher difficulties.

   Macintosh-specific changes

- Support for both "widescreen" and "4:3" mode in Mac OS X 10.2+.
- Improved OpenGL performance for systems with minimum requirements:
  MacOSX 10.2, 256MB RAM, and Radeon or GeForce AGP video card.

- Patch 1.09d

     Minor Bug

- Fixed a bug with certain Creative Lab DVD drives and copy protection.
- Fixed another bug where a connection problem ("Unable to connect to") would instead result in a downloading patch dialog that 
  stayed at 0% indefinitely.
- Fixed a lockup that occurred on Dual CPU/Dual Video card systems when 
  hitting the quit button in chat.

- Patch 1.09c

     Major Bug

- Fixed a trading bug that could be exploited to allow one user to crash 
  out another user.

     Minor Bug

- Fixes issues with High Point Technology's RAID controller drivers. 

*****Modifications (North American versions only)*****

- Please note that included with this patch is a .dll file that relays 
  back to Blizzard the hardware configuration of the system on which the 
  patch is installed.  This file will be effective in North America only.

  In keeping with our policy of protecting user privacy, we will not be 
  collecting any personal information, nor will we be able to associate 
  any hardware information with any particular user.  We will only be 
  recording CPU, RAM, operating system, video card, and sound card 

  The reason we are doing this is to help our development teams optimize 
  our upcoming game, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, for various hardware 
  configurations.  The information we receive will help us tailor the game 
  to meet the system requirements of our customers and help us to enhance 
  their overall gameplay experience.  If you have any questions or 
  concerns about this procedure, please email us at

- Patch 1.09b

- Fixed a bug where a connection problem (ie "Unable to connect to")
  would instead result in a downloading patch dialog that stayed at 0%

- Patch 1.09 (Lord of Destruction and Standard)
* Note: certain item changes will not apply retroactively to already 
  existing items.

     Skill Balance Changes

- Decrepify no longer reduces the damage Resistance of immune monsters.
- Reduced damage of additional levels of Firewall starting from level 9.
- Changed Telekinesis to only work on scrolls, potions, keys, gold, arrows 
  and bolts.

     Modifications-Lord of Destruction

- The mouse-over functionality of hireling portraits has been changed. 
  You now must keep your mouse cursor over your hireling for three seconds 
  before the portrait highlights and the text "Drop potion on hireling 
  portrait, right-click to open inventory" appears. 
- Gold sharing among party members has been removed.
- Players can no longer give or take items from a hireling if they are not 
  within range (this fixes a bug where the game would crash if a player 
  gave or removed an item from a hireling when the Hireling was out of 
- Changed enhanced defense per level and enhanced damage per level to 
  display the exact amount of enhancement.
- Changed 'Hit Blinds Target' to a level-based formula.
- Changed 'Freezes Target' item modifier to a level-based formula 
  (improved for melee characters).
- Changed display of enhanced damage vs. demons and enhanced damage vs. 
  undead to be +x% instead of x%.
- Added potential for sockets to Bone Visage Elite Bone Helm, Troll's 
  Nest and Blade Barrier Elite Shields.
- Improved drops for placed (super) Unique monsters such as Bishibosh, 
  Rakanishu, et. al.
- Improved drops for certain quest monsters such as Blood Raven, The 
  Countess, The Cow King, et. al.
- Duriel now always drops a Town Portal scroll in addition to his regular 
- Enabled certain Horadric Cube recipes that were disabled in v1.08.
- Enabled "add socket" Horadric Cube recipe.
- Made "add socket" Horadric Cube recipe not work on socketed items.
- Added several very low-level magic affixes.
- Restricted some affixes from generating on certain item types.
- Rare items will now always spawn with three or more affixes if possible.
- Increased chances for 'of blocking' and 'of deflecting' suffix.
- Added increased block rate to 'of blocking' and 'of deflecting' 
- Personalized item names are now printed in the color of base type.
- Added base item type to highlight info for rune word items.
- Non-weapon items that add damage now do so with regards to bow damage.
- Adjusted strength & dexterity damage bonus for certain items.
- Changed the 'Ethereal' property to modify base stats.
- Changed the 'Reduce Magic Damage' property to spread across frames for 
  multi-frame attacks (such as firewall).
- Altered stats of many Unique items*.
- Altered stats of a few Set items*.
- Altered stats of a few rune word items.
- The Shae, Po, and Jo runes have been renamed. They are now the Shael, Io, and Jah runes 
- Reduced chances of elemental damage affixes spawning on Charms.
- Increased bonuses for affixes that increase stack size on Throwing 
- Increase chances of Self-repair affixes.
- Increase chances and potency of Replenish quantity affixes*.
- Increased stack sizes of most Throwing weapons.
- Enabled normal Orbs and Circlets.
- Increased maximum number of sockets for some items.
- Rare Jewels are now capped at a maximum of four affixes.
- Adjusted weapon and armor levels and level requirements.
- Stacked items with poison damage now average their poison duration.
- Rejuvenation potions now automatically go into the belt if picked up 
  from the ground.
- Rejuvenation potions can now be shift-clicked from the inventory into 
  an equipped belt.
- Adjusted the Hireling experience system.
- Altered Act 2 Hireling Auras.
- Changed Hireling damage to 50% against bosses in normal, 40% in 
  nightmare, and 25% in hell difficulties.
- Raised maximum price vendors will pay for an item to 30,000 gold pieces  
  in nightmare difficulty, and 35,000 gold pieces in hell difficulty.
- Added health Regeneration to all hireling types.
- Iron Maiden and Thorns effects now treat Hirelings as players with 
  respect to damage.
- Hirelings now gain experience from monsters killed by Minions and 
  other party members.
- Using a potion from the belt (either by hotkey or right-clicking) 
  while holding down the shift key will give the potion to the player's 
  hireling if he/she has one.
- Lowered maximum duration for which Hirelings could be stunned.
- Iron Golems are now saved with the player.
- Color coded monsters' elemental/physical immunity info display. (For 
  example, Fire Immune is printed in red).
- Changed monster stats back to what they were before v1.08.
- Reduced the Resistance bonus for Magic Resistant Uniques (It was 75%; 
  it is now 40%).
- The monsters in Act 4 that eat corpses will no longer eat corpses 
  that have already been used.
- The Resistance penalty at higher difficulty levels no longer applies 
  to Magic Resistance.
- Crush Beasts no longer give only 1 exp when they are killed.
- Changed PvP penalty for players or Hirelings attacking other players 
  to 1/4.
- Implemented PvP penalty of 1/2 for Hirelings attacking other Hirelings.
- Town portal use has been restricted to party members only.
- Reduced damage multiplier for act-end boss attacks vs. minions.
- Broken Ethereal items now sell for 1 gold.
- Added Thawing Potions to vendor inventories in Act IV and Act V.
- It is now possible (albeit very rare) to get Set and Unique items 
  from gambling.
- Increased the chances of getting a Rare item from gambling.
- Keys may now be purchased in bulk (shift + right-click).
- Swapped properties for Jah and Cham runes in weapons.
- Added rune words for Single Player/Other Multi Player which previously 
  only showed up on Realm games.
- Adjusted hover text box sizes.
- Updated the pop-up text to reflect adjusted monster attack and defense.
- Adjusted memory management code.
- Typing "players X", where X is a number between the current number of 
  players and the maximum (8), in the message box will now set the 
  effective number of players in the game (in single player, open and TCP/IP games only).
- Removed global Physical Resistance from Nightmare difficulty games.
- Fixed a bug where Tyrael would sometimes create an inaccessible portal.
- Fixed a bug where a player who was disconnected from while 
  in the Imbue screen would crash.

     Major Bugs
- Fixed bonus to Undead damage modifier to work with ranged weapons.
- Fixed bonus to Demon damage modifier to work with ranged weapons.
- Fixed 'Reduces Target Defense' modifier to work with ranged weapons.
- Fixed a bug where item-specific partial Set bonuses didn't get applied.
- Fixed a bug where the enhanced defense for items that gained it on a per 
  level basis was improperly calculated (such as Blackoak shield).
- Fixed a bug where the enhanced damage for items that gained it on a per 
  level basis was improperly calculated (such as Hellslayer).
- Fixed a bug where certain two-handed and missile weapons did not get the 
  displayed damage bonus (such as Magewrath).*
- Fixed Piercing weapons to work correctly with Amazon skills (such as 
- Fixed a bug where items could give characters skills that are exclusive 
  to another Character class.
- Fixed a bug with weapon swapping which allowed some character classes to 
  dual wield items. When a player that is illegally wielding two items  
  enters a game, one of the items will be deleted.
- Fixed bug which allowed certain Horadric Cube recipes that were meant to 
  be disabled to continue to function.
- Fixed a bug where trying to display the highlight info for an item 
  with too many modifiers would crash the game.
- Fixed a bug in using an item that gives Werewolf/Werebear skills when no
  skill points were originally assigned to those skills caused an 
- Fixed various bugs with the second quest of Act 5.
- (Macintosh Only) Fixed a bug where a user running Diablo II Expansion in 
  800x600 received an assertion when entering Diablo II standard games.

     Minor Bugs

- Fixed a bug where Elemental damage did not display correctly for 
  Throwing Weapons.
- Fixed a bug in the determination of magic affix levels.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Ethereal throwing items to be stacked with 
  non-Ethereal ones.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to repair and/or recharge Charged 
  Ethereal items.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to repair Throwing Potions.
- Fixed a bug where Throwing Weapons brought from standard Diablo II 
  could not be Imbued in Diablo II Expansion Set.
- Fixed a bug where certain Paladin shields were not able to be 
- Fixed a bug where it sometimes did not verify replacing a dead 
  hireling with a new one.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the same Unique to be spawned more than once 
  in a game.
- Fixed various Horadric Cube recipes that create magic items.
- Fixed a bug that caused a rune word item to lose its rune word bonuses 
  when transferred off of the character who created it.
- Fixed a bug which caused the variable attributes of a rune word item to 
  reset inappropriately.
- Fixed a bug where using the Taunt skill would sometimes cause the game 
  to crash.
- Fixed a bug where the Firewall animation display without doing any 
- Fixed a bug where Sanctuary allows the Paladin to ignore an Undead 
  monster's damage resistance.
- Fixed a bug where left-hand throw was throwing using too many missiles 
  per throw.
- Fixed a bug where certain Charged items would use multiple charges per 
- Fixed a bug that caused Cold Mastery to think other players were immune 
  when they were not.
- Fixed a bug where you could select Baal's dead tentacles.
- Fixed a bug where in a Realm game, Nihlathak would remain in town even 
  after another player killed him.
- Fixed a bug where Anya would not always give a class-specific item for
  her quest reward.
- Fixed a bug where the invisible monster in the Worldstone Keep could be 
  affected by Monster Shrines.
- Fixed a bug where Monster Shrines could affect Druid Vines.
- Fixed bug where Regurgitators would eat Hirelings and destroy them.
- Fixed Act 1 hirelings to be able to use bows with special arrows 
  (such as Witherstring).
- Fixed a bug where hirelings' items would not update if they could no 
  longer meet the requirements to wear them.
- Fixed Immolation Arrow to do initial weapon damage; no base physical 
  damage is included in the radius.
- Fixed Freezing Arrow to do initial weapon damage; no base physical 
  damage is included in the radius.
- Fixed Poison Javelin to do initial weapon damage.
- Fixed Plague Javelin to do initial weapon damage.
- Fixed Lightning Fury to do initial weapon damage.
- Fixed a Fend bug that would abort the Fend prematurely on the server. 
  (This applies to Zeal and various other skills as well.)
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a character clicked on 
  his/her own feet.
- Fixed invalid line Automap options from v1.08.
- Fixed drawing problem for charges/ammo counts on skill icons where the 
  number of charges would extend off the icon.
- Fixed some spelling errors in the text.
- Fixed some errors in translations.
- Fixed a variety of crash bugs.
- Fixed a bug where hireling health regeneration was dependent on the 
  number of players in game.
- Fixed a bug that allowed hirelings to be converted.
- Fixed a bug where items that add to skills had no effect on Hirelings.
- (Macintosh Only) Fixed a bug that made it possible to have the character 
  walk endlessly toward the lower left corner of the screen without input 
  from the player.
- Fixed a bug that caused garbage characters to appear at the top of
  the screen at the start of a realm game.


- Fixed a bug in Diablo II where uniques and champions could drop 
  throwing items as their "magic" item drop.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Diablo II players to put a socket in rare 
  items with the Horadric cube recipe.
- Fixed a bug in Diablo II that allowed hirelings to be brought into 
  other acts.


- Changed the Diablo II Standard blocking method back to the old method.
- Adjusted damage and attack rating of monsters in Diablo II Standard.
- Removed global Physical Resistance for monsters in Hell difficulty in 
  Diablo II Standard.

- Patch 1.08 (Lord of Destruction)

     Skill Balance Changes

- When using two-handed attacks the speed of both weapons are averaged.

- Whirlwind now alternates between two weapons when using two-weapon style.

- Increased Holy Shock's melee damage bonus.
- Decreased the power of Conviction.
- Added a casting delay for Fist of Heavens and increased its damage.
- Increased the blocking bonus that Holy Shield gives.
- Conviction does not affect immunities.

- Increased Fire Golem's melee damage.
- The hit points for a Revived monster no longer increase with more players
  in a game.
- Lower Resist and Amplify Damage do not affect immunities.

- Increased Fire Wall's damage.
- Increased Blizzard's duration.
- Decreased Meteor's casting delay.
- Decreased casting time for Chain Lightning and Lightning.
- Increased Frozen Orb's damage.
- Thunderstorm now hits a target every time.
- In expansion games, Static Field is no longer affected by Conviction 
  and Lower Resist. It will not take a monster below 33% health in 
  Nightmare difficulty or 50% in Hell difficulty.
- In non-expansion games Static Field remains the same.
- Cold Mastery will not affect cold immune monsters.
- The damage inflicted by Ice Blast, Fire Ball, Lightning, Nova, and 
  Glacial Spike, per level has been increased.

- Increased Freezing Arrow damage.
- Increased Ice Arrow damage.
- Increased Immolation Arrow damage, added a casting delay and decreased 
  the fire duration.
- Added a casting delay to Plague Javelin and increased its damage.

- Dragon Tail now has an attack bonus.
- Increased Fist of Fire damage.
- Increased Claws of Thunder damage.
- Increased Phoenix Strike damage.
- Fixed various bugs with skills that use two claws.
- Dragon Tail does not cost mana or knockback when it misses.

- Turned down the mastery bonuses for the wolves and bears.
- Increased Feral Rage's life stealing.
- Increased Hunger's life stealing, but increased its damage penalty.
- Increased the delay between the times that Hurricane does damage.
- Increased the radius for Armageddon's damage and increased the delay 
  between missiles.
- Werebear skill modified to give +50% to hit points. (It was +100%.)
- Maul now gives +20% damage per charge per level. (It was +25%.) Its 
  stun length is shorter and attack bonus is 3% plus, 3% per level. 
  (it was +20%, 10% per level.)
- Increased damage of Fire Claws slightly (+8 per level up to level 9).
- The damage bonus of Fury changed to +50% damage, 5% per level. 
  (It was 100%, 17% per level.)


- Creatures can be summoned in town, as long as the summoning does not
  require a corpse.
- Crafted items cannot generate with affixes meant for magic items 
- The durability for all claw class weapons is now doubled. (This 
  will not affect existing items.)
- Adjusted attribute requirements for all claw class weapons.
- Adjusted damages for all Elite weapons.
- Adjusted affix level for wands, staves and orbs. (Higher levels of 
  these items have better magic attributes.)
- Increased the chance of enhanced damage affixes on weapons.
- Increased the chance of enhanced attack rating affixes on weapons.
- Increased the chance of enhanced armor affixes on armor.
- Increased the chance of elemental damage suffixes on weapons.
- Increased the level and the damage for certain high level elemental 
  damage affixes.
- Decreased values on +maximum damage and +minimum damage charms. 
  (This will not affect existing items.)
- Increased values for percentage chance to find gold affixes on charms 
  and jewels. (This will not affect existing items.)
- Increased attributes of many affixes for jewels. (This will not affect 
  existing items).
- Increased chances of extra quantity affixes on throwing items.
- Increased chances of regenerate quantity affixes on throwing items.
- Increased jewel drop rates.
- The necromancer spell "Iron Maiden" no longer appears on charged items.
- Increased resistance bonus for Tal, Ral, Ort, and Thul runes when  
  socketed into shields by 5%.
- Increased resistance bonus for Um rune when socketed into shields by 
  2% and when socketed into helms and armor by 5%.
- Changed bonus for runes with + to max resists to 5%.
- Repaired rune words. (Most previous rune worded items will no longer 
  get rune word bonuses.)
- Adjusted rune drop rates.
- Removed several melee modifiers from generating on orbs.
- Changed Izual to be able to drop treasure.
- Changed Charsi's imbue quest to always give a plus to individual skills 
  on items that can have them.  
- Items sold to stores are priced as if they were fully repaired.
- Lowered prices for items with +2 or +3 to single skills.
- Lowered costs for recharging items.
- Removed throwing potions from stores.
- Increased prices for circlets and coronets.
- Unique monsters with the "teleport" attribute now heal a fixed amount.
- Crushing blow is 50% less effective with bows.
- Crushing blow is affected by physical resistance.
- Lowered hireling resurrection cost.
- Increased chances of finding unique and set items.
- Slightly increased the item drop rate for extra players in a game 
  who are not in your party.
- Lowered gambling prices that scale with your level.
- Changed prices on rejuvenation and full rejuvenation potions. 
- Added potential sockets for Troll nest and Blade barrier shields.
- Enabled sockets on certain items, increase sockets potential on others.
- Increased blocking for grim shield.
- Increased AC for all elite shields.
- Increased AC for Bone visage helm.
- Changed increased rate items, (fast, faster, fastest) to display as a 
  percentage faster. 
- Adjusted armor, blocking, and durability for elite Paladin shields.
- When used in melee throwing weapon durability decreases at one third 
  the thrown rate.	
- +2 to all skills affixes can now spawn on rare amulets.
- Increased range of the Glorious axe.
- Changed items with pierce to use their pierce value as a percentage 
  instead of as a level in the skill.
- Changed the piercing value for certain uniques with pierce (Kuko 
  Shakaku, Buriza-Do Kuyanon, Demon Machine, Razor Tail).
- Changed Wizardspike unique bone knife to 75% resist all. 
- The set item Naj's Puzzler now has 69 charges of teleport. 
- Added sound to shift-click of potions in grid. 
- Added elemental damage affixes for charms. 
- Adjusted the difficulty of Baal on higher difficulties. 
- Cannot get quest completion credit for the ancients' quest unless 
  the character level is 20 or greater in normal difficulty mode, 40 
  or greater in nightmare, and 60 or greater in hell difficulty mode.
- Keys now stack to 12 instead of 6.
- Right mouse click works the same as left mouse click if assigned an 
  attack skill.
- Act II hirelings have been improved with additional skills including 

     Major bugs

- Addressed certain duping issues when entering and leaving games.
- Fixed a bug which could allow you to have a defense rating after using 

     Minor bugs

- Added missing "crimson" affix with adds +5-10 fire resistance.
- Fixed a bug where quests and horadric cube recipes could generate items 
  with too many sockets.
- Fixed a bug were expert's/veteran's/master's prefixes were swapped with 
  sounding/resonant/echoing prefixes.
- Fixed a bug which allowed spells cast to have piercing while wearing 
  items of piercing. 
- Fixed a bug where single skill bonuses did not stack properly. 
- Fixed a bug where variable costs for armor types was not being calculated 
- Fixed a bug where you were allowed to shift-click purchase rejuvenation 
  potions in stores.
- Fixed the bug that added javelin damage to Lightning Fury, and made the
  graphics simpler for the lightning.

- Version 1.07

      Skill Balance Changes

- In expansion games, Blessed Hammer/Concentration combination imbalance 
  has been corrected.
- In non-expansion games, the Blessed Hammer/Concentration combination 
  remains the same.
- Zeal is now limited to 5 swings and gives an increased percentage to 
  Attack Rating.
- Fixed display for Vengeance's damage to reflect its actual damage.
- Salvation resistance increased.
- Increased damage for Fist of the Heavens.
- Decreased the length of time that Converted monsters fight for you.
- Increased the damage per level for Sanctuary.
- Increased the Smite damage for Holy Shield.
- Increased resistance bonus for Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist 
  Lightning, and Salvation.
- Increased the Mana regeneration rate for Meditation.
- Added melee lightning damage to Holy Shock.
- Added melee damage to undead to Sanctuary.
- Allowed Conviction to reduce an enemy's resistance to a negative value.
- Increased the player's resistance penalty for Conviction.
- Added a damage bonus to Fanaticism.

- In expansion games, Whirlwind is now properly modified by weapon speed.
- In non-expansion games, Whirlwind remains the same.
- Frenzy, Double-Swing, and Double-Throw are now properly modified by 
  weapon speed.
- Added damage bonuses to Concentrate and Frenzy.
- Frenzy now increases in attack speed as more monsters are hit.
- Increased the damage bonus on Berserk.
- Changed Battle Orders bonus to increase by 3% per level at all levels.
- Increased the damage of War Cry.

- Strafe has a greater range.
- Impale and Jab are now properly modified by weapon speed.
- Impale increases damage with level and decreases the chance to lose 
- Fend is now uninterruptible and does more damage.

- Increased the damage of Hydra.
- Lightning Mastery now affects electrical damage rather than decreasing 
  the Mana cost of those skills.
- Added a casting timer to Fire Wall, Meteor, Blizzard, Frozen Orb, and 
  Hydra and commensurately increased their damage to prevent a drop 
  in frame rate, while maintaining the same overall balance.
- Decreased the Mana cost for Enchant and increased its bonus to fire 
- The damage inflicted by most skills over level 8 has been increased.

- Enhanced the damage and decreased duration for Poison Dagger, Poison 
  Explosion and Poison Nova.
- Increased duration and adjusted radius for Decrepify.
- Fixed Iron Maiden+Blood Golem bug and increased the Blood Golem's Life 

      Major Bugs

- Fixed a bug with Paladin skills and party/hostility on the borders of 
- Fixed a bug that allowed a Necromancer to summon more than one Golem 
  at a time.
- Player can no longer steal Life/Mana from inanimate objects.
- Fire Mastery now correctly increases damage to the Hydra skill.
- Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented Hirelings from dying along 
  with the player.
- Fixed the double-draw bug in some skill effects, including Blizzard,
  to improve frame rate.
- Fixed the updating of the summonables' health bar on their icons.
- Fixed a bug with left-hand swinging on the right-hand spell selection 
- Fixed the pop-up description for Fist of the Heavens.
- Fixed the overlapping of the character name and level name in the 
  party screen.
- Fixed bug with Barbarian Masteries.


- Gambling prices are now based on the character level.
- Sets and Uniques can no longer be gambled for.
- Boss monsters now do 30% less damage to Hirelings and minions than before.
- Monsters now display if they are Undead or Demon, when highlighted. If 
  nothing is listed, they are an "Animal" type.
- General levels for monsters in Nightmare and Hell difficulty have been 
- Maximum monster level is now level 70 in Nightmare and level 90 in Hell.
- Monsters in Nightmare/Hell difficulty, have higher Resistances, Hit 
  Points, and lower attack ratings than before.
- Poison Damage attacks from Monsters, do more damage than before.
- Mana and Life stealing effects are reduced by half in Nightmare and Hell.
- Retrieving your corpse where it died in Nightmare and Hell restores 50% 
  of any experience lost at death.
- Adjusted the stocking of vendor inventories based on difficulty level.
- Adjusted how Hirelings gain experience.
- Adjusted how Hirelings react to missiles.
- Adjusted Hireling resistances.
- Increased the amount of Gold a character can hold in the Stash.
- Increased the power of all Gems/Skulls and added level requirements.
- Increased the power of all throwing potions and added level requirements.
- Increased the resistance penalty in Nightmare difficulty to -40 and 
  Hell difficulty to -100.
- Sounds for Gems in inventory have changed.
- Looting corpses is available only in Hardcore games.
- In multi-player, you may only go hostile once per minute with each
  other player in your game.
- New Party Experience Bonus to players in a Party in multiplayer.
- Crystal Swords have an increased durability.
- Scepter class items have increased damage.


- Holding down SHIFT and RIGHT-Clicking, when buying health potions,
  auto-fills any empty slots in the belt. This applies to buying scrolls
  of Town Portal and Identify scrolls too.
- Holding down SHIFT and LEFT-Clicking on health potions in inventory,
  will auto-move them to the appropriate column in your belt.
- Added a new 'Repair All' button for equipped items at the blacksmith in
  each Act.
- New Auto-Map functionality. Players can adjust the size of the Auto-Map
  in the "Auto-Map Options" menu, switching to the new "Mini-Map".
- Up to 8 "Hotkeys" are available to assign skills to now.
- Improved the displays for character status screens.
  * Total blocking % is now shown and is a related to a player's level 
    and dexterity.
  * Chance to Hit and Defense against last monster fought is now shown.
  * Maximum Resistances are now shown in Gold color.
  * Elemental damage only items, display colors for elemental type damage.
- Wells now heal hirelings.
- Removed collisions for players with pets.
- Pets health will scale up accordingly in Nightmare and Hell difficulty.


- Player can no longer steal Life/Mana from certain monster types.
- Names of pre-existing Rare Items have changed. However, the item 
  properties have not.
- The maximum damage of Enhanced Damage items may change 1-3 points.
- The damage of many items has been increased.
- Items with one or two sockets may gain an additional socket.
- After patching, newly-discovered Set and Unique items will have
  additional level requirements.
- Level requirements have not changed for Classic Set items (those
  discovered in the original Diablo II).

- Patch 1.06b

      Major bugs

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to crash other players by spamming them.
- Fixed a bug that was not saving Open Battle.Net characters.
- Fixed issue with Samsung Drives and copy-protection.


-'s Terms of Service agreement updated. Everyone please take 

- Patch 1.06


- Updated's Terms of Service agreement. It can now be accessed 
  without having to create a new account. 
- Further optimized server-to-client communication.
- Fixed copy-protection for various CD, DVD and CD-R drives.

- Patch 1.05b

      Major bugs

- Fixed a video driver crash encountered when displaying graphics in
  the chat room.
- Fixed copy-protection for various CD, DVD and CD-R drives.
- Fixed a problem where character avatars were left in the list after
  that character had left a channel.
- Fixed several visual glitches with the character select screen.

- Patch 1.05

      Major bugs

- Fixed copy-protection for various CD, DVD, and CD-R drives.
- Barbarians wielding two potions are no longer prevented from entering
- Socketed items were mistakenly and irreversibly de-randomized in 1.04.
  Now their gem effect values are taken from the upper end of their
  original (pre-1.04) random ranges.
- Fixed all spell ranges. They were mistakenly reduced in v1.04.
- Fixed a bug that prevented deleting some Characters.
- Fixed numerous foreign language display problems.

      Minor bugs

- Fixed a bug in the trade screen when the Horadric Cube was open.
- Duplicate ladder entries should no longer occur.
- The Ladders scroll properly now when there are less than 999 entries.
- Realm characters should no longer appear as robed.
- Fixed a bug allowing users to appear in a channel twice.
- If the user cannot connect to a default realm, a "Realm down" message
  is displayed.
- Fixed the "packet sniffing" exploit used when gambling.
- High-durability items no longer lose durability when you join a 
  game after exiting or dying.
- The Conversion skill no longer causes a monster counting error in the
  Den of Evil.


- A prompt now appears informing the user to delete characters when they 
  have greater than eight characters in a Realm.
- Player profiles now have a link to their ladder records, if they are
  in the top 999.
- A "connecting to realm" message was added.

      Balance Changes

- The Paladin's Concentration skill now enhances the damage of Blessed 
  Hammer just as it did in 1.03. The damage displayed on the Character
  screen is correct, too.
- The Amazon's Strafe skill now correctly enhances base bow damage rather 
  than total bow damage. 
- The Amazon's Guided Arrow skill now enhances base bow damage rather
  than total bow damage. 

- Patch 1.04b

      Major bugs

- Fixed problems with accessing the Play CD at startup on some
  CD and DVD drives.
- Fixed a crash problem with the Video Tester in Windows NT and
  Windows 2000

- Patch 1.04

      Major bugs

- The Prismatic amulet, Coral ring, and other Horadric Cube recipe items 
  no longer change into other items upon starting a new game.
- Lances, Holy Water Sprinklers, Grim Helms, War Clubs, and Stilettos can 
  now be dropped by monsters and chests.
- Using the Paladin Charge skill as a monster dies cannot generate a 
  "zero hit-point" monster.
- Fixed an assertion when a high-level character kills a monster.
- Barbarian's Whirlwind and Leap Attack and Paladin's Charge no longer 
  keep all inventory items red and unusable after attack ends.
- A "dead, but alive" bug has been fixed.
- Equipping a barbarian with a two-handed sword or with a shield while 
  holding two two-handed swords will no longer cause disconnection from 
  the Realm.
- Fixed an assertion that could happen when unequipping one item while 
  wearing another gemmed item that enhances a character stat.
- Fixed a bug that prevented damage-enhancing magic properties from 
  working properly on bows.
- Closed a loophole that could allow a player to declare hostility on 
  anyone regardless of where the declarer is.
- Closed a loophole that could allow a player to run around too fast.
- Closed a loophole that allowed a player to equip and use an item that 
  was beyond the character's ability.
- Improved compatibility with Delta CD-ROM drives.
- When loading a saved character holding bad items, all the bad items 
  are deleted, allowing the character to be played.

      Minor bugs

- Charged Bolts are no longer invisible for a radius (based on the 
  caster's light radius).
- "Bonefarming" eliminated in Single Player and Open games.
- Fixed the "Moon-walking" bug that occasionally appeared when knocked 
  back by a monster.
- French and German Create Queue status messages no longer overlap.
- Fixed attack speed bonuses and descriptions to be accurate for 
  Griswold's Edge, Goreshovel, The Diggler, Witherstring, and Twitchtroe.
- Fixed cast rate descriptions for the unique and set items: Arcanna's 
  Tricks, Maelstromwrath, Ume's Lament, The Iron Jang Bong, Wall of the 
  Eyeless, and Magefist.
- Long emotes in chat combined with a 15 character-long name no longer 
- The inventory sounds of the Sallet, Heavy Bracers, Battle Gauntlets, 
  War Gauntlets, Mesh Boots, Battle Boots, War Boots, and Demonhide Sash 
  are now the same as the unexceptional versions of these items.
- Removed "invisible islands" from the River of Flame, Tal Rasha's Tomb, 
  Spider Forest, and Tower Cellar, preventing Barbarians/Sorceresses from 
  leaping/teleporting onto them.
- Changed the Amazon's Jab skill description to multiple attacks.
- Fixed a number of typos ("ordinateur" (in French version), "Eats and 
  Spits Corpses", "Stiletto", "Explore Tal Rasha's Chamber") and 
  capitalization mistakes ("extra gold from monsters", "better chance of 
  getting magic item", "Hit Causes Monster To Flee", "bonus to Attack 
  Rating", "Slows target by", and "Hit blinds target").
- When a Realm character tries to join a game at a higher difficulty level 
  than earned, the correct error message is used.
- The difficulty setting of the last Realm game created or joined will no 
  longer carry over to the next Single Player game.
- Fixed an error displaying the Chance to be Hit by a monster when having 
  activated a second Armor Shrine before the first one wears off. The 
  chance actually never goes below 5%.
- Fixed a bug where an open quest log was not updated to reflect the 
  saving of Cain.
- Fixed a bug that gave the wrong name to a Waypoint highlighted by a 
  player standing in a different "room" in the game environment.
- Two-handed items are now equipped properly (doing proper damage) at the 
  beginning of a game.
- Clicking on one's corpse (while equipped with nothing) properly 
  re-equips all the items from the corpse.
- Closing the Waypoint list by pressing Ctrl+Alt no longer disables pop-up 
  text on NPC's and inventory items.
- Attempting to trade a Tome or Scroll to a player without enough room to 
  accept them, no longer causes a phantom Spell to appear in that player's 
- The gauntlet cursor can no longer be erroneously turned into a 
  trade/repair arrow/hammer.
- Fixed a bug with the mini-experience bar above level 75.
- Fixed a bug in the display of the Chance to be Hit.
- Fixed a bug in the count of the number of Scrolls remaining in Tomes of 
  Town Portal and Identify.
- The ranges of the Scythe and Grim Scythe have been increased to the 
  intended values.
- A miscalculation of the distance ranges of some skills has been fixed.
- The Iron Maiden skill now heals a Blood Golem based on the amount of 
  damage done to it rather than the maximum life of the monster attacking 
- Fixed a bug with experience accumulation and its display in the Realm 
  Ladders above level 93.
- Guided Arrow skill properly increases damage with additional skill points.


- The Realms handle character data more quickly now.
- Added a gateway selection to the main menu.
- Added a Change Password feature.
- messaging has been upgraded to use character names, not just 
  account names. The new message addressing formats are: 
  /msg CharacterName, /msg CharacterName@RealmName (where RealmName is 
  USWest, USEast, Asia, or Europe), and /msg *accountname. The old 
  addressing format was: /msg accountname.
- Duriel's graphics are pre-loaded before entering his lair. This 
  minimizes the chance of getting killed by him before loading is complete.
- Added a CONTRAST video option to allow users who preferred the original 
  Glide settings to the 1.03 version to change the setting back or 
  somewhere in between.
- Slightly increased the effectiveness of Corpse Explosion by making every 
  point (not every other one) add to the radius of the damage.
- Health and mana reductions are no longer smoothed. Now, if you take a 
  big hit, you immediately see a big drop.
- Grim Shield base blocking was changed from 0 to 10.
- Added low quantity warning for Balanced Axe and Hurlbat.
- Added chances for Blades and Stiletto to be generated as treasure.
- An equipped belt can now be traded, if it is empty of all items.
- If player 1 has a chat window open and player 2 clicks on player 1, 
  nothing will happen now. This prevents trading requests from 
  interrupting someone who is trying to chat.
- Messages sent by a player in trade are only sent to the other person 
  with whom the player is currently trading. Also, messages from players 
  outside the trade are squelched and will not appear in the message log.
- Color codes sent by other users in chat are filtered out, preventing 
  malicious masquerading.
- Chat colors have been adjusted to help players identify the source of 
  the text. The new chat colors are Name = Gold, Whisper = Green, 
  Alert = Red, Message = White, Emote = Gray, Enter/Exit = Gray, and 
  Blizzard Representative = Blue.
- Removed the chat cheats "scrollhack1" and "scrollhack2".
- Added some new error messages to and clarified a few others.
- Changed the chat history scroll bar to Windows-style 
  "page up/down" instead of "scroll to this spot".
- Changed the "i" and "l" (lower-case "L") in the chat font 
  to look different. The small "5" and "6" in the Character screen are 
  now more distinguishable, too.
- Maximum number of characters increased to 8 characters/realm.

******Game Hint/Spoiler******

- Quest items will no longer be destroyed when transmuting quest items in 
  the Horadric Cube already containing another complete recipe.
- Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the Golden Bird and Gidbinn 
  quests from giving their rewards.
- Cain no longer gives out extra Mephisto Soulstones.
- Removed the pesky "thief" ability from Lord De Seis. 
  (That oughta' fix him!)
- Fixed a bug that erroneously gave credit for the Act 4 Soulstone 
  quest to a party member who was not in Act 4.
- The resistances of certain Super-unique monsters have been reduced. Now, 
  Andariel correctly takes extra damage from fire, while the Smith and 
  Hephasto take extra damage from poison.

- Patch 1.03

      Major bugs

- Fixed a rare bug that would mark a character as "Unable to join, 
  Bad item." A typical cause of this bug was high lag conditions 
  while two characters simultaneously attempted to use the same 
  item lying on the ground - for example, a Necromancer casting 
  Iron Golem on a sword while another tried to pick it up.
- Fixed a bug where Diablo II would crash when using 64 MB video cards.

      Minor bugs

- Fixed a loophole that allowed either the Necromancer wearing the 
  complete set of Infernal Tools or the Paladin with the Milabrega 
  set to temporarily boost his skills to very high levels.
- Fixed a bug that caused Amazons wielding a javelin in the right 
  side inventory box and a shield in the left to do no damage with 
  javelin-throwing skills assigned to the right mouse button.
- Fixed a bug in Open games that dropped players with slower machines 
  from the game when they talked to Act III NPCs.
- Fixed 3 rare lock-up bugs with Lord De Seis: 1) killing him as any 
  character, 2) leaping away from him as a Barbarian, and 3) being 
  killed by him while simultaneously drinking a potion.
- If a player tries to create a game when a Realm server is fully 
  occupied, the player is prompted to join a game instead. It no longer 
  reports "Server Down" in this case.
- The "Toggle Belt" hotkey is no longer active when the in-game chat 
  overlay is displayed.
- Magic Mauls with the Enhanced Damage Property have been fixed.
- Unique Boots Treads of Cthon and Tearhaunch now give players the 
  proper increased walking speed 
- Static Field (Sorceress) Fixed Spell Description 
- Leap Attack (Barbarian) Fixed Spell Description 
- War Gauntlets are now spelled correctly 
- Corpse Explosion (Necromancer) Reduced the explosion damage so 
  that it is not scaled up for each additional player in the game. 


- Game creation queue added. Client now informed of game creation 
- Reduced the average bandwidth required for each player/client. 
  Effects: reduction in lag and a slight modification to the updating 
  of the Life Orb. There may be a period of adjustment for some players 
  and we encourage you to pay closer attention to your Life Orb until 
  you are used to this change.
- Added support for future server performance improvements. 
  Effect: Future reduction in lag and future increase in the number 
  of games per server.
- When a server goes down, the clients will no longer be left in 
  "limbo" for up to 20 seconds, but will exit immediately to chat.
- Messages from are now yellow.
- Critical Strike (Amazon) now works on all weapons. 
- The "Z" Key will now toggle between views of Minions only, No 
  Minions or Party Members, and Your Minions and Party Members. 
- Items sold by Vendors under the Misc Tab no longer sell out. 
- Settings are kept when creating games on
- ATI's recent driver update has solved incompatibilities with Rage 
  128 video cards and RAVE/OpenGL. To use RAVE or OpenGL with a you will 
  need to download and install the new drivers, and then choose 
  "Rescan Monitors" from the video configuration screen. If you can 
  already select RAVE or OpenGL mode, you do not need to download this update.
  The drivers can be downloaded from ATI's web site, for manufacturers contact
  information please visit: (Mac only)
- Minor changes for Japanese and Korean support. 
- Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when playing in RAVE or OpenGL. 
  (Mac only) 
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause the game to lock up in low memory 
  situations. (Mac only) 

      Balance Changes 

- Players that have not completed the last quest in Act III can no longer 
  use the Portal to Act IV until they have properly completed that quest. 
- Corpse Explosion (Necromancer) Reduced the extra radius gained per 
  level of the skill from 1 to 1/2. 
- Revive (Necromancer) Removed the hit point boost for extra levels 
  gained in this skill.
- Conversion (Paladin) Lowered the formula calculating the chance to 
  convert for extra levels gained in this skill.
- Whirlwind (Barbarian) Decreased the number of attack attempts made 
  when using this skill.
- Pierce (Amazon) Magical arrow effects such as Immolation will apply 
  to every target hit.

- patch 1.02

      Major bugs

- Fixed a bug that deleted your single player or open character if 
  you deleted a Realm character with the same name.
- Fixed several bugs to improve memory usage--those bugs could cause 
  the game to slow down after playing for a while.
- Fixed a bug associated with ejecting the Play CD.

      Minor Bugs

- More consistent closing of dialog boxes and pop-up screens when 
  hitting Esc key.
- Fixed a bug to allow faster drawing of the auto-map.


- Will auto-close some NPC menus when necessary.
- The automap can be toggled when a waypoint is active.
- Game log file names follow the format D2YearMonthDay.txt.

******Game Hint/Spoiler******

- Fixed a bug that caused the portal to the Valley of the Magi to 
  disappear if a player had completed the Arcane Sanctuary quest (by 
  killing the Summoner) but exited the game without taking the portal 
  and establishing the waypoint in the Valley of the Magi. (Act II).

- patch 1.01

      Major bugs

- Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting credit for killing a
  quest boss, if you died before it did -- perhaps, by killing it
  with a poisoned weapon.
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game during the countdown after
  completing the final quest in Act IV, if the player used
  Waypoints to return to the earlier Acts.
- Fixed a hang bug that could occur if picking up gold while
  fleeing from a Gargantuan Beast (Act I).
- Fixed a crash bug that very rarely occurred when a Sorceress
  cast the Meteor spell.
- Fixed the "black screen" crash that could occur if one pressed
  'Alt-tab' during a cinematic.
- A Multiplayer Install running DirectDraw will no longer crash
  when one cancels the Cinematic selection menu.
- Fixed a bug that prevented two quest rewards from scaling up
  properly for Nightmare and Hell difficulty.
- Sand Leaper corpses no longer prevent players from moving through
  a tight pass in the Act II desert.
- Wounded Act II spiders no longer greatly reduce the frame rate.
- Lower-titled characters may now join Open games created by
  higher-titled characters (those who have completed the game in
  Normal, Nightmare, or Hell difficulty).
- Fixed a bug that prevented some complete Item Sets from having
  their full bonus.
- Fixed a bug in Open games that allowed a second player
  to create another game with the same name as an already existing
  game. No one could join the second one.
- Fixed a bug in TCP/IP games when a Town Portal was smothered in
  piles of gold, it could cause a player entering from the other
  end of the Portal to be disconnected from the Host.
- Fixed a bug that prevented interacting with the Stash, NPCs, or
  Waypoints if the player clicked on the Stash, then pressed 'H'
  before arriving at the Stash, and finally pressed 'H' again
  after arriving at the Stash.

      Minor bugs

- Removed an unused gossip from Ormus (Act III).
- Fixed a bug where if the 'Space bar' were assigned to another
  function, it would erroneously continue to close the Message Log,
  Quest Log, and Waypoint menu.
- Fixed a bug that occasionally allowed some monsters to enter the
  Act II town of Lut Gholein.


- Improved the stability of the servers and the behavior of clients
  when a server malfunctions.
- Changed the amount of gold dropped by a player who is killed by
  another player (PKed) to equal the amount that would normally be
  lost "to the void" as a death penalty when killed by a monster.
- Updated the ReadMe.htm to document the PK gold-drop penalty.
- Changed the text color for Blizzard Representatives in Diablo II
  chat rooms to yellow.
- Australian users connect to the USWest Realm instead of the Asia

******Game Hints/Spoilers******

- Fixed a crash bug that occurred upon entering the red Portal to
  the Canyon of the Magi, if a player had completed the Arcane
  Sanctuary quest, then saved and started a new game, before
  completing the Seven Tombs quest (Act II).
- Fixed a multiplayer bug that prevented a character from completing
  the final quest in Act II (and advancing to Act III), when joining
  a game started by a character who had already defeated the final
  boss, but who had not yet visited Meshif for the reward.
- Fixed the following 3 bugs that could occasionally crash the game:
  - Killing Lord De Seis (Act IV).
  - In Perspective mode Glide entering a Tomb in the Canyon
    of the Magi (Act II).
  - A multiplayer party fighting in the Kurast Bazaar (Act III).
- Fixed a bug that caused a quest item being held in the cursor to
  disappear when pressing the Horadric Cube's transmute button.